À la Volée – Exposition des lauréats du prix de la jeune création


From 13 May to 05 September 2023

à la Volée is about paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos.

Mouna Bakouli produces drawings and sculptures that she approaches as fragments and that are inspired by the medical field and by human bodies often degraded by their social conditions. In a general climate of submergence, Amentia Siard Brochard deploys a plural, playful and unstable horizon. Sculptures and videos intertwine, becoming points of attachment or escape for the bodies (objects, lights, individuals...) that coexist in the large hall of 109. Johan Christ-Bertrand reveals how the genres of representation in painting and computer-generated images work together. The artist uses several treatments and gestures in the composition and execution of a painting that generate contrasts within the image itself.


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