Célestez-moi – Les enfants des Ninetie’s


From 25 to 26 January 2023

After a year of wandering and loneliness, Lou needs to get out, to mark the pavement and the dance floor with his nonchalant steps.

He dresses with precision and leaves no stone unturned for the reopening of this world. He will go to a club. An underground club. He will meet his unknown friends with gaunt bodies and black-rimmed eyes. He has come to see and hear those who restore clarity to dark eyes. He dances, painfully, but he dances.

What has become of the Ninetie's children?
These young adults lost in a world that has sometimes lost all their wishes. These children for whom the playground tarmac has a heart that still resonates in their distant memories. This generation has been entrusted for the last time with the sensitivity of angels, the tenderness of slowness and the taste for others. It is of these that I want to speak today. It is to these intuitive and sensitive children that I want to sing once again the intoxication of youth. And because the cracks are common despite the times, it is to all children that I address these few notes. When the weight of words no longer finds its weight, buried by the noise of the world, there remains for Lou, Céleste and Sham the strength of melody.
Stephen Di Tordo

A show by & with Stephen Di Tordo
Director: Cyril Cotinaut

  • Iconic
    Angle avenue Thiers et avenue Jean Médecin
    06000 Nice

  • From €5 to €35.

  • 04 93 13 90 90

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