Citations / Accrochage des collections


From 02 July 2022 to 07 January 2024

"If there were only one truth,
one could not make a hundred paintings on the same theme".
Pablo Picasso

Each year, the MAMAC highlights little-known aspects of its collection and proposes dialogues between generations in Room 9.

After "She, Him and Eros", the Albert Chubac collection and "Histoire(s) de l'œil", "Citations" brings together paintings, photographs, collages and drawings that play on references to works of art history.

These quotations are sometimes parodic and tinged with humour. Some are intended as an almost magical echo of the appropriation of major works, anchored in our collective imagination. Others restore an emotion, perhaps from youth, or reveal the influence of great figures in the history of art on the practice of the artists gathered here, outlining filiations across generations and centuries. Finally, others consider these references as a refuge, in a need to feel less alone in painting.

A dive into a history of companionship, quotations and reinventions.

  • Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain
    Place Yves Klein
    Promenade des Arts
    06000 Nice

  • 04 97 13 42 01

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