Connectés ?


13 April 2024

Join us for a choreographic fantasy on Saturday, April 13, 2024, starting at 3pm!

The project questions the societal diktat of digital tools, particularly the smartphone. By dint of being ultra-connected, are we still capable of communicating?
to communicate? A reflection on the place of screens in our lives,
Connectés? allows us to question together the good and bad uses of this tool, to alert and to prevent (poetically) through a choreographic proposal. From the dance of the thumbs (or "scroll dance") to connected bubbles, from a demiurge musician master of digital infusions to "screen face" cyborgs... welcome to an offbeat, caustic universe that's as joyful and playful as ever. Connecter, from the Latin conectere: "to bind together", "to attach", "to join", "to chain". The show is intended as a fantasy highlighting the relationship between the body and the digital object, with dance as language and non-verbal communication. Playing with the issue of new communication networks, we focus on the physicality induced by the use of these objects: the minimalist movements of our bodies in front of the screens, and the resulting postures that are more or less pathological, sedentary or absurd.

  • Espace Magnan
    31 rue Louis de Coppet
    06000 Nice

  • One price: 7 €.

  • 04 93 86 28 75

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