Delitti !


From 02 to 03 December 2022

What happens when, without a filter, the impulse leads to action? Have you ever wanted to strangle your neighbour for turning up the TV too loud or slap the queue-jumper who walks past you when you've been queuing for an hour?

Fresa plunges us into contemporary Italy with his sometimes chilling, sometimes hilarious stories, material for "Monstrer", witnessing the incredible imagination of reality.

Originally entitled Passages à l'Acte, this theatrical work offers "stolen photos" of our peaceful societies and the eternal irruption of extreme violence within them. There are no useless words in Fresa's short stories. Dry dialogues, precisely drawn pictures, emphasis on the actors' metamorphosis into characters are the keys to our adaptation.

By Antonia Fresa after Delitti esemplari nel Bel paese.
Translation by Margherita Marincola.
Stage direction & lighting design: Claude Boué.

  • Théâtre Francis Gag
    4 rue de la Croix
    06300 Nice

  • Adult: from 12.30 €.

  • 04 92 00 78 50

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