En attendant Godot – Alain Françon


03 May 2023

Metaphysical reflection or gaudiness, this play, the author's best known, leaves us the choice. It is a play about men, he tells us. A representation of the absurdity of life? Who is Godot? The one who would solve everything but doesn't come?

Two wanderers, Vladimir and Estragon, somewhere in the countryside, next to a tree, in the evening, are waiting for Godot, about whom nothing is known. They don't know much about him either and can't really remember why they are waiting for him. And while they wait they talk, engage in various activities, consider the tree, the sky, one his shoe, the other his hat, at one point Pozzo and Lucky pass by.

This is the whole action of Waiting for Godot: almost nothing, a waiting. But this almost nothing allows, more radically than ever before in the history of the theatre, to make room for the simple fact of being there, for the human presence of the actors on stage. And this is how Beckett's first great play reveals a formidable inventiveness, deploying its wild humour right on the stage, at every moment of the play.

Alain Françon's cast is perfect for the question "Who is Godot?", because he calls on great actors and it is undoubtedly because he stages the play simply that it reaches its true dimension. The play makes us laugh because it scares us, showing us the dead ends we are afraid to get into. The director, in the full maturity of his work, has given the show a staggering human density.

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