Exhibition Brett G.


From 23 to 31 May 2024

At a time when everyone has the same interior style with assembly-line trends and furniture, Brett G. offers an alternative. Each piece is unique on this planet, signed and numbered.

Born in Monaco, Brett G. grew up in a small French town near Italy. At a very young age, he immersed himself in this Franco-Italian-Monegasque cultural mix with multiple nuances, which ranges from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

With a grandfather who was a painter and a jack of all trades, a grandmother who was a seamstress with nimble fingers, a mother who was an actress, a sister who was a natural decorator and a father who worked with leather, it's no surprise that Brett G. became interested in applied arts very early on.

A lover of Wood, he prefers to express himself on it as a painter would on a canvas. Its character, its knots, its smell... A wonderful material offered by nature on which he takes pleasure in completing the aesthetic. When we look at his works, we say to ourselves that he is in the lineage of cabinetmakers and Art Deco artists. Same interest in various materials wood, metal, resin... Same love also for wood, exotic woods from various sources in particular. Same care, finally, taken in assembling these different materials, in their finishing to sublimate the raw material.

Passionate about music, surfing and travel, Brett G. has traveled more than 30 countries, living in Ireland, Spain and Russia. All his creations are largely inspired by his encounters and his travels. They are part of an eco design style, eco-responsible designer furniture.

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