Exposition Stéphanie Hamel-Grain et Isabelle Poilprez “Bouteille à la mer”


From 04 February to 18 June 2023

Stéphanie Hamel-Grain and Isabelle Poilprez envisage their first creative residency as an exploration of the territory through the prism of meetings.

The two artists pool their views and practices in order to provide us with migration paths around human harvests made of exchanges and constructions.

Starting from the life that is common to us in the contemporary world, this artistic reflection captures the social encounters that come into being with connections resulting from the displacement of matter through the human, in the desire to develop an experimental work thanks to writings as visual means of expression. Starting from an exchange of technical and cultural knowledge, they have gone to meet them as collectors, revelators, passers-by from which the intentions of plastic writings will be born.

They thus create a dialogue of spaces and materials between the visible and the invisible, around the question of the states of transformation, mutation as presence and perception of places and the world. The use of glass, associated with other materials and techniques, gives rise to various proposals, installations of works, for an exhibition in the spaces of the Château de Carros which, at the end of this artists' residency, concretises the trace of a human experience, a call towards a collective awakening.

  • Centre International d'Art Contemporain
    Place du Château
    06510 Carros

  • 04 93 29 37 97

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