Glauque (live)


23 May 2024

Join Glauque at Stockfish this May

On the current music map, the musical revelation of 2023 according to Libération, Le Monde and Le Figaro, the Brussels group Glauque has made its mark with a strong identity. Open to electronic experimentation, the group has modified the DNA of hip-hop and exploded the codes of French chanson. An all-terrain group, an out-of-category collective, Glauque weaves its way between algorithms and news feeds. Anchored at the heart of a hyper-connected society, the group plays on the double meaning of its name. Between the bright colour of seawater and indefinite despair, Glauque's universe is based on striking contrasts. Through its music, the band crystallises the paradoxes of our times. At the crossroads of technological progress, ecological challenges and a humanity in danger, the world of fake news is not necessarily the one we see. As with George Orwell and Philip K. Dick, the reality of Glauque is linked to dystopia and science fiction.

    5 avenue François Mitterrand
    06300 Nice

  • Reduced price: 5 €, Adult: 10 €.

  • 04 89 98 26 00

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