Je m’appelle pas – Édouard Signolet


From 12 to 15 April 2023

When you don't have a name, no one calls you or remembers you.

"Je m'appelle pas" is the story of a little girl who has the very unpleasant characteristic of not having a first name. This is how this little girl, who has been given the sweet name of "Pas", is going to find her place in a world that she does not understand and that does not understand her.

Then one day she will be named "Little Red Riding Hood". And this name "Little Red Riding Hood" is not a little girl's name, nor even the name of a dog, but the name of a garment. It is therefore by wearing a name that does not suit her that she will have to find her Self, the one that suits her. She will have to lose herself in a forest, meet friends and enemies, confront and confront the world to finally find her own identity.

  • Iconic
    Angle avenue Thiers et avenue Jean Médecin
    06000 Nice

  • Adult: 5 to 35 €.

  • 04 93 13 90 90

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