L’affaire Boule A Facettes – Étudiants En Scène


26 May 2023

A group of lifelong friends get together like every year to celebrate New Year's Eve. But this time, something happens to disrupt this wonderful tradition...

Disco music, champagne, good old-fashioned anecdotes from the past and the old disco ball losing its facets, you don't change good habits. But while the party is in full swing, a tragic event will turn everything upside down and give a whole new meaning to the evening. Between lies, doubts, alibis and old secrets, one thing is certain: the pieces of the puzzle, or rather the facets, will have to be put together to solve this case.

For several years now, the Espace Magnan has been welcoming students from the "Performing Arts" section of the Université Côte d'Azur and the MED'ARTS student association for the practical experimentation of their course of study. This is how the students regularly come and present their work during public performances. This season, 4 performances will be scheduled from November to May.

  • Espace Magnan
    31 rue Louis de Coppet
    06000 Nice

  • One price: 6 €.

  • 04 93 86 28 75

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