L’hétéronomie, cause de notre situation face à la crise environnementale ?


21 June 2024

Thierry RIPOLL poses the question ‘Is heteronomy the cause of our situation in the face of the environmental crisis?’ in his forthcoming lecture

One thing is clear. We know that ecological disaster is upon us, we know that it will violently affect our lives and those of our descendants, but we are unable, individually and collectively, to turn away from our current course. There are many reasons for this hiatus. The one that I will explore during this conference is fundamental, although often ignored. It is what I have called ‘the strength of the emerging system’. To grasp its importance, we need to go back to the Neolithic revolution and its consequences for the cultural evolution of Homo sapiens. We need to understand how the invention of agriculture, animal husbandry and sedentary life led to the emergence of a collective intelligence that is now imposing its dynamics on us, even as we perceive its absurdity. Like ants, we have become heteronomous in relation to the system we have created. A system that is now flying under its own steam, propelling us unwillingly towards a catastrophe that we can still avoid if we manage to question the principles that were imposed on us 10,000 years ago. Whereas Neolithic arrowheads have sometimes been interpreted as dragon's teeth or stone tongues.

  • Espace Associations Garibaldi
    Place Garibaldi
    06000 Nice

  • Adult: 5 €.

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