Le Manteau – Serge Arnaud


04 February 2023

Akaki Akakievitch was born a civil servant, so they say. He works passionately as a copyist until the day his coat is worn to the bone.

The refusal of the tailor Petrovich, as smoky as his workshop where "the smell of grease made the cockroaches flee", to patch his poor coat will turn his life upside down. With his 40 roubles in savings, he will have to find 80 for a new coat.
A frenetic quest begins, where the causticity of the situation is met with burlesque. The clown and the gags will illuminate the irony of fate and the strength of Gogol's words, tinged with black and furious humour. Akaki becomes a true hero fighting the fatality of his social condition with a naivety that commands respect and provokes laughter.

Based on the short story by Nicolas Gogol
With : Nicolas Houssin
Adaptor, director, stage manager: Serge Arnaud
Photo credit & video editing : Patrice Muia

  • Espace Magnan
    31 rue Louis de Coppet
    06000 Nice

  • From €12 to €16.

  • 04 93 86 28 75

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