Normalito – Pauline Sales


From 09 to 10 June 2023

Lucas is ten years old and he feels "lame normal". In his class, there are fewer and fewer normal people. Everyone has idiosyncrasies, but he has none. He has the feeling that he doesn't get any interest or attention.

The teacher asked all the pupils in her fifth grade class to invent their superhero. Lucas naturally drew Normalito, the superhero "who makes everyone normal".

Iris, the gifted zebra child, tries to get closer to Lucas, who would so much like to become normal. The two children, who are so far apart, get to know each other and the young duo run away and meet Lina, the toilet lady in the station. Lina is not a woman quite like the others, she carries a secret.
Through this fable about normality and difference, about the fears inspired by those we don't think we understand and who are nevertheless like us, we tackle tolerance and empathy. Are we not all different and all alike?

  • Franciscains - Ancienne Église des franciscains
    Place Saint-François
    06300 Nice

  • Adult: 5 to 35 €.

  • 04 93 13 19 00


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