Slava Vakarchuk – Help for Ukraine


11 September 2024

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is the leader of the best-known Ukrainian band "Okean Elzy", as well as the author of the music and lyrics to most of the band's songs, a musician whose creativity embodies passion in the world of sound.

His music carries a magic capable of touching the deepest chords of the soul. As a virtuoso musician and the main inspiration behind the band "Okean Elzy", he creates true hymns to freedom and self-expression. We're familiar with Okean Elzy concerts, and now we invite you to a unique solo charity concert as part of band leader Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's #BlaTour!

Svyatoslav is not only a rock star, but also a philosopher whose lyrics are imbued with deep meaning and a keen perception of the world around him. His lyrics are a cascade of thought-provoking emotions that inspire change. They're definitely worth hearing live at the concert in the CITY.

Meet up, listen to your favorite songs in an intimate acoustic format and help Ukraine - don't miss this opportunity. Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's solo charity concerts are unique thanks to their program. The concert consists of two parts: in the first, the musician performs his songs on guitar, as he usually does for Ukrainian defenders on the eastern and southern fronts of Ukraine. In the second part, he accompanies himself on the piano, recreating the atmosphere of the songs' creation, as they are born at home - on the piano.

You'll hear songs by Okean Elzy, as well as Svyatoslav's solo projects and folk songs. Such as "Comme toi" and "Juste celle-là", "Ville de Marie" and "Ville du printemps", "Embrasse-moi", "Au ciel", "Je rentre chez moi" and "Gardien", "Sans combat", "Cheremshyna", "Oh, de qui est ce cheval" and many others.

All those who have attended these concerts in Ukraine agree on one thing - whether in a 500-person hall or in front of several thousand spectators - you always feel like you're among friends.

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk: "You know what an OE concert is - dynamic, energetic. My solo concert project is cosy, warm and very sincere, designed to help. It was born in the war year 2022. Over the last few years, I've given almost 300 concerts on the front line, in shelters and trenches, in liberated towns, in squares and streets, in railway stations that have seen the fates of hundreds of thousands of people, destroyed, wounded by Russian aggression, but unshaken. At these concerts, I sing OE songs, as well as others - Ukrainian folk songs, world hits, mainly on guitar. Yes, that's another thing life has taught me - to play the guitar. Because I do play piano and keyboards. I wrote almost all my songs on the piano. But now I also play a bit of guitar :).

  • Palais Nikaia
    163 Boulevard du Mercantour
    06200 Nice

  • Full price: 49 to 200 €.

  • +33(0)04 92 29 31 29

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