Sortie de résidence – « YES, PEUT-ÊTRE » Cie La Petite


31 May 2024

The work, somewhere between laughter and cruelty, a comedy. It is, to say the least, a UFO, one of those unclassifiable texts, a subversive fable, at times burlesque and funny, at times poetic, which is as topical as ever.

In the middle of a desert, where nothing remains of the war-torn world of the past, two women meet. They have lost their memories but have retained the memory of words. Their world is one of innocence, apprehension, curiosity and hope... They take a fresh look at their surroundings and their chances of survival in a humanity yet to be rebuilt.

  • L’Entre-Pont
    Le 109, Pôle de cultures contemporaines
    89 route de Turin
    06300 Nice

  • Free to participate.

  • 04 83 39 11 60


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