08 February 2024

See it as a three-part series or choose one of the evenings, each part of the triptych being a show in its own right.

VA AIMER ! is the third part of Eva Rami's triptych. The actress plays her mother, grandmothers and friends with humour, highlighting the relationships of domination that come into play when it comes to love.
Around the highly symbolic motif of the caged bird, the play weaves a network of stories all having the confinement of women in common. Mothers, grandmothers, friends, acquaintances, all suffer or have suffered aggression that has prevented them from serenely taking flight. With tact and humour, the themes of control, rape and incest are tackled in the midst of a firework display of characters. Eva Rami does justice to those who don't know how to free themselves to dare to love again.

  • Théâtre National de Nice - Salle des Franciscains
    4-6 Place Saint-François
    06300 Nice

  • Adult: 5 to 35 €.

  • +33 (0)4 93 13 19 00

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