Becoming an Ambassador

Together, let us work to enhance Nice’s global reputation!
Become a major player for your City: become an Ambassador!

Join our growing community of Ambassadors by submitting the candidature of Nice for your next convention and benefit in turn from the Convention Bureau’s exclusive services and expertise!

Your project must imperatively be based on a destination which:

  • Conveys a positive image for your event
  • Is close to your clients’ spheres of interest, and recent developments
  • Provides solutions

Nice Côte d’Azur offers an ideal environment for the emergence of new events and national and international conventions.

Why become an Ambassador?

By becoming an ambassador, you benefit from the professional support and free, objective expertise of the Nice Convention Bureau, which provides you with a range of specific services at every stage of the organisation process for your next event.

Become a player for Nice and earn:

Local recognition:

  • Recognition of your work
  • Professional recognition
  • Recognition by the City for the support provided
  • Lever for obtaining funding and support

International recognition:

  • Intellectual benefits
  • Visibility of the institution as a major player in your field of activity
  • Economic benefits for the institution
  • Reinforcement / creation of networks

Participation in positioning Nice worldwide:

  • Belonging to a community of players involved in the life of Nice
  • Sponsoring new members
  • As a venue for meetings and exchange
  • Economic benefits for the region

Our commitments

As an Ambassador for Nice Côte d’Azur, you will be a privileged partner and the Convention Bureau of Nice will strive to:

  • Facilitate your project by introducing you to private and institutional partners;
  • Provide free assistance and objective support;
  • Offer you a privileged welcome within the programme;
  • Associate you with the sponsorship and recognition programme, in particular by inviting you to Club events and enabling you to participate in the Convention and Ambassadors of the Year Awards Ceremony, in the presence of an official representative of the Municipality of Nice.

Your commitments

When you join the programme, you agree to:

  • Support the candidature of Nice with your decision-making peers in choosing the destination for coming events they plan to organize;
  • Insert the logo of Nice on all documents relating to the Convention, once it has been confirmed;
  • Reporting your feedback in a testimonial which may be printed on different Convention Bureau of Nice media;
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative data on your event (number of participants, nationalities…) to the Convention Bureau of Nice
  • Send us a biography we can post on our site and in all our media (newsletters, social networks…)

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