Swiss chard pie, socca, pissaladière drizzled with olive oil, pan bagnat, small stuffed vegetables, merda de can, stockfish, ratatouille or even salade niçoise… What a pleasure to get together around the specialities of Nice cuisine!

The cuisine is prepared here with love, with good local products and the skill passed down from generation to generation. The “Cuisine Nissarde” is valued by a label. It is thus an ambassador for the reputation of the town and its region.

Often compared to Provençal and Italian cuisine, the Cuisine Niçoise is inspired by the colours and flavours of the south. Here the chefs are inspired, the decoration is refined, the cuisine is expressed in a thousand and one ways, whether in the large luxurious tables or in the small authentic establishments. All of this accompanied by a local wine, cultivated in PDO on the hills of Nice!


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