Nice Côte d’Azur Ambassadors Programme

Nice Côte d’Azur needs your talent, motivation and knowledge to grow and assert itself both intellectually and economically. Join the Ambassadors programme.

The Ambassadors programme targets professionals and opinion leaders (scientists, physicians, researchers, teachers, academics…) who can contribute to selecting the destinations for conventions organized by their associations, federations or institutions.

Through their involvement in the organization of national and international conventions, Ambassadors participate in the reputation, promotion and positioning of Nice on the global scene for Business Tourism.

With our private and institutional partners, the Nice Côte d’Azur Convention Bureau is the standard bearer for the programme which aims to federate and boost the identity of a community of major players in the development of our destination. We are also committed to supporting all those who wish to support Nice’s candidature.

Playing a preponderant role in the city’s attractiveness and renown, in turn Ambassadors receive support which is entirely free of charge and objective in all processes of candidature and organization of the conventions they promote as well as local and international professional recognition.

Who are Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are personalities in the region recognized in a scientific, medical, economic or academic field, active in national or international associations, who, by promoting the organization of conventions in Nice, have a fundamental role in the city’s attractiveness and renown.

Ambassadors are dynamic, influential men and women who, alongside their usual professional activities, choose to play an active role among their contacts

The Ambassadors’ contribution is inestimable for the City and the Convention Centre.
Thanks to their networks of business and academic contacts and associations, they serve as privileged intermediaries to develop strategic alliances.

If you love Nice Côte d’Azur, invite your colleagues from all over the world to discover it, too!

Your commitment is essential!

Mutual benefits

A true Win-Win partnership!

Thanks to close cooperation, we join forces to ensure full success for your event, but also to contribute to the global renown of Nice and development of the local tourist industry.

Advantages of the programme for Ambassadors:

  • Intellectual repercussions and development of international exchanges around professional, academic, medical, scientific and economic research;
  • Visibility for the institution as a key player in its field of activity by associating a colleague in the organization of a convention;
  • A lever for developing outside funding for research.

Advantages of the programme for the City of Nice:

  • Increased number of candidatures submitted and won;
  • Improved comprehension and involvement of local players in the activity sector of conventions;
  • Emphasis on the essential link between convention activity and the region’s economic and industrial fabric, and the impact of this type of event on the reputation of Nice in the fields of science, medicine… and on the links between these conventions with the development strategy of Nice;
  • Spotlight on the work accomplished by Ambassadors in the context of their search and creation of opportunities of positive press coverage for Nice.


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