Permanent chauffeur for all your trips in France.
Everyone deserves to be BiyenAssi.

Biyen-Assi your private chauffeur service based in Nice. A day-to-day organisational partner offering you a safe, quality journey.

Our services: a service tailored to your needs.
Biyen-Assi offers the standard services of a private chauffeur (airport/station transfers, etc.) and drives you to your place of work or leisure,
Our advantages: a personalised journey. Biyen-Assi ensures that a maximum of two chauffeurs are available for all your planned journeys.
Our values: professionalism, customer service, sharing.

You will also be able to choose the atmosphere during your journey (quiet time, work time, playlist of your choice, chat with the driver, etc.).
A strong relationship based on trust will ensure that your chauffeur is fully aware of your expectations.


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