Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Patriarcat de Moscou

An unusual monument to discover in the centre of Nice. Inspired by traditional Moscow churches, Saint-Nicolas Cathedral is part of the city's Baroque and Belle Epoque architecture.

Here is an original building right in the centre of Nice which does not stand here by chance. Inaugurated in 1912, this magnificent cathedral is a testament to the importance of the Russian community on the Côte d'Azur at this time. It was built at the heart of a huge green park, where a chapel built in tribute to the late son of Alexander II, Emperor of Russia is also enthroned. To date, it is the biggest religious building of its kind situated outside Russia.
Nowadays, faithful volunteers welcome the many visitors to help them explore its hidden treasures. More than an essential monument to visit, the cathedral remains a place of Orthodox worship attended daily by the Russian community. Its architecture and history have, furthermore, earned it registration as a Historic Monument in 1987. It also received the 20th Century Heritage label for its exceptional nature.


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