Diptyque Raphaëlle Boitel – La Bête Noire – Petite Reine


From 15 to 18 January 2025

After La Chute des anges, Ombres portées and Un contre un, Raphaëlle Boitel presents an acrobatic diptych at the TNN, dedicated to portraits of circus women. These bodies and personalities express all the nuances of feminine power.


With Vassiliki Rossillion

La Bête noire, a solo initially created and performed in 2017 by Raphaëlle Boitel, is a performative choreography around the complexity of the body.
On stage, a woman contorts herself, she fights against her pet peeves, she fights for her identity, her soul. Like the circus performer in the extreme exercise of his physical performance, Raphaëlle Boitel holds up to us a disturbing mirror of the suffering we inflict on ourselves, the pressure that we can be subjected to and the sacrifices that we accept.

I dreamed of this project as an introspection of being. An exploration into the heart of this woman, who is asked to be nothing more than a body. A reference to a past as a contortionist for whom the stigmata are irremediable. It's Vassiliki Rossillion - whom I notably directed in Le Cycle de l'absurde and Ombres portents - who takes up this score that I had written for myself.
Raphaëlle Boitel


With Fleuriane Cornet

Petite Reine, a new creation from the Compagnie L'Oublié(e), is an acrobatic clownish satire on the influence of a couple.
Sylvie is a great lover, bright and optimistic. To live up to the man who shares her life, she must be perfect. Only, whatever she says and whatever she does, it’s always too much or not enough. Between contradictory injunctions and impossible-to-satisfy expectations, Sylvie endures the anger of a man who plunges her into a labyrinth of doubts from which she can no longer find a way out. A powerful story about a woman's strength and her path to self-love.

Following on from The Black Beast, which evokes the inner struggles of a woman marked by her journey, I wish to create a second part of a triptych of portraits of circus women. This piece will mix acrobatic performance on a bicycle and text in an offbeat and zany tone. Fleuriane Cornet will play a “Sisyphian” character with multiple personalities who seems to be perpetually going in circles in search of herself. For this, I will call on a theater author for the first time, Catherine Verlaguet, to create the original text in a process of going back and forth with the stage.
Raphaëlle Boitel

Wednesday January 15 - 8 p.m.
Thursday January 16 - 8 p.m.
Friday January 17 - 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.
Saturday January 18 - 8 p.m.

  • Salle des Franciscains
    6, Place Saint-François
    06300 Nice

  • Reduced price: 30 €, Associate member: 15 to 25 €, Adult: 35 €, Teenager (26 years): 10 €, Child (12 years): 10 €.

  • +33 (0)4 93 13 19 00

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