Exposition – Du geste à la flamme


From 18 May to 22 September 2024

The history of fire-making is as long as the history of mankind. Through a retrospective of techniques, we will look at traditional fire-starting techniques as well as more modern and original techniques.

Fire is the result of a chemical reaction, but it has always fascinated mankind. The first real traces of fireplaces date back 400,000 years, and bear witness to the domestic use of fire by mankind. Today, this vital element is a given. However, it marks a turning point in man's evolution. Its acquisition is the fruit of great ingenuity. This chemical and physical phenomenon requires knowledge and mastery of techniques to reproduce it at will. Contrary to popular belief, our ancestors did not rub two flints together to light a fire. The exhibition will reveal the archaeological evidence of the domestication of fire and the different techniques used to light it. Experimental archaeology in particular will provide a better understanding of the processes involved.

  • Musées Archéologie de Nice
    25 boulevard Carnot
    06000 Nice

  • 04 93 55 59 93

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