Exposition – Petite histoire de la biodiversité – Quand les LEGO® s’en mêlent


From 07 June to 10 November 2024

The Museum invites you on a nature walk through the midlands and along the coast to discover the biodiversity "treasures" of this region, world-famous for its half-marine, half-alpine landscapes.

The exhibition is designed as a naturalist's stroll from the coast to the midlands to discover the incredible biodiversity of our region, renowned for the beauty of its landscapes. A rich but fragile natural treasure trove. Mammals (wolves, roe deer, wild boar, chamois, etc.), birds (birds of prey, waders, passerines, etc.), reptiles and insects are all on show. Plants and mushrooms, as well as a wide range of minerals, volcanic rocks, pudding, etc, are also on display.

  • Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle
    60, boulevard Risso
    06000 Nice

  • 04 97 13 46 80

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