France Festivités

Creators of illusions and artisans of dreams, we make the impossible happen for you. Carnival, event decoration, 3D lettering, objets d'art, fairground, public procurement of event supplies.

Carnival floats and decorations. Portable or mobile animation elements. Flower battle structures. Sculpture, installation and monumental infrastructure. Themed decorations. Chalet sets. Cinematographic sets. Scenography and stage sets. Automata. 3D lettering. Hastag for an event or city. Stylised city name. Logotype and artistic typography Art locksmithing (ironwork). Monumental or small-format sculpture. Personalised trophies. Urban locksmithing.fairground rides and attractions. Fairground shop fronts. Flags and paving. Professional make-up (KRYOLAN). Confetti.
From design to manufacture, we work with you to create and bring to life the structures of your dreams, whether they are mobile or immobile, indoor or outdoor, durable or ephemeral, luxurious or outlandish.
Whether you have an idea or a precise model of your project, we adapt to each request while respecting your constraints.
Depending on your needs, we can offer additional services such as logistics (delivery, installation or assembly and dismantling), maintenance and artistic services.


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