Bienvenue dans l'expérience culinaire sensationnelle de GOMU, où la fusion entre l'Asie et les États-Unis crée une symphonie envoûtante de saveurs.

Dive into our world where BAO-GERS, a creative fusion of classic burgers and delicious bao bread, promise an unforgettable taste adventure. At GOMU, every bite is an invitation to a unique sensory journey.

Our commitment to gastronomic innovation is evident in the creation of these irresistible baogers, where the soft texture of the bao bread meets the explosion of flavour from the carefully selected toppings. Each BAO-GER is a perfect balance of tradition and creativity, offering a culinary experience that defies expectations.

The atmosphere at GOMU goes beyond simple tasting. It's a total immersion in a world where gastronomy merges with the world of manga in a colourful atmosphere reminiscent of the street food alleys of Asia. When you order a BAO-GER, you plunge into an adventure where passion for food meets the creativity of manga. Whether you're an avid fan of manga or simply looking for an exceptional culinary experience, GOMU is here to offer you an experience that will leave you speechless.

Our diverse menu will satisfy all appetites, from young to old. The BAO-GERS will quickly become your favourites, creating taste memories that will stay with you for a long time. And that's not all, because we also have fabulous home-made starters, such as our lollipocorn (breaded corn skewers) or our chicken dynamite (breaded chicken fillet). For a refreshing drink you can sip our bubble teas or mocktails.

So let yourself be tempted by the immersive experience and succumb to the bewitching flavours of GOMU. Come and discover the perfect harmony between different culinary cultures, One P*ece, immersive architecture and gastronomic innovation, all accompanied by a delicious BAO-GER and a bubble tea.


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