Citadelle. Biagini's Garden.

Born in 1938 in the Auvergne. Technical studies. Apprenticeship in forging, welding and metal working.
As a teenager, he fabricated 'sculptures' with hanging scrap and twisted iron wires to create mobiles, and offered these 'works' to friends and relatives who often received them like Mother's Day noodle necklaces.
Then came adulthood when a living had to be made. Farewell wonderful 'schmilblicks'. Forty years of more mundane activity. But the secret garden was cultivated. The sketches accumulated at the bottom of a drawer.
The age of retirement, an opportunity and with them the creative demon. First exhibition at Saint Tropez. The desire was there, the mastery: with the help of experience everything became easy, almost. The osmosis with steel is total.
Here, it is an assemblage made from old tools and found materials.


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