The Fountains

Vence is a place where water has been of major importance : with three rivers, a wash place and two springs, Vence has always had a unique history with water.

This becomes quite obvious through the presence of about twenty fountains you can discover on a stroll around town. Each of them has its history or its unique characteristic : for example the Basse Fontaine, at Place Antony Mars, immortalised by Raoul Dufy. The most famous one is the Fontaine du Peyra, renovated in 1822 and a classified historic landmark.

To make them even more unique, the fountains of Venceare fed by spring water from the Foux. It is said to have numerous qualities : fresh, slightly mineralised and low in sodium, it is said to have diuretic benefits.

Every year during the month of May, the fountains are honoured with a flower decoration and a musical parade as part of the “Fête des fontaines”.

For further information : A detailed brochure about the fountains is available at the Tourist Office.


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