22 April 2025

After multiple successful tours and more than 2 million tickets sold, Messmer, known and recognized as the World Master of Hypnosis, returns with a brand new show.

In 13Hz, Messmer invites you to enter his mysterious and hilarious universe where the border between reality and illusion fades, to direct your thoughts towards unknown territories.
With his unrivaled charismatic presence and exceptional talent, the record holder in collective hypnosis with 1066 people hypnotized in less than 5 minutes, plunges you into the heart of your deepest thoughts before guiding you through a subtle game of brain waves at 13Hz .
The fascinator takes you to a unique state of consciousness where will and control of our lives take on a new dimension. Dare to discover the Messmer experience, where self-control and fascination meet.

  • Palais Nikaia
    163 Boulevard du Mercantour
    06200 Nice

  • Full price: 48 to 67 €.

  • +33(0)04 92 29 31 29

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