Musée International d’Art Naif Anatole Jakovsky

The museum has been set up in the former residence of perfume creator François COTY, the Château Sainte Hélène, surrounded by a large park with rare species.

Thanks to sizeable donations from Anatole and Renée Jakovsky, guided tours through the International Museum of Naïve Art are able to provide a unique overview of the history of naïve painting from the 18th century to the present. Works by Rousseau, Bauchant, Bombois, Rimbert, Séraphine, as well as painters from Croatia, Haiti, Brazil...
An important collection of raw and unusual art, also featuring work by Gaston Chaissac, Auguste Forestier, Anselme Boix-Vives, Danielle Jacqui…
Closed Tuesday.

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Superficie des espaces privatisables : 800 m² répartis sur 2 étages


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