Pierre et le Loup


17 December 2024

Discover the Orchestre national de Cannes' ciné-concert of the iconic work "Peter and the Wolf"!

Who hasn't heard the wolf steps or Peter's march from Sergei Prokofiev's work? To enhance this family-friendly concert, the musicians of the Orchestre National de Cannes share the stage with a narrator and 432 illustrations by visual artist Paul Cox! A drawn universe that adds a new dimension to the musical and declamatory narration. One day, young Pierre takes a walk in the meadow next to his house and meets a bird, a duck and a cat. Concerned, Pierre's grandfather tells the boy to go home immediately, fearing that the wolf may appear...

  • Salle Juliette Greco
    5 boulevard de la Colle Belle
    06510 Carros

  • Full price: 10 €, Reduced price: 8 €, Associate member: 6 €.

  • +33(0)4 93 08 76 07

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