Stèle en mémoire de Catherine Ségurane

Each year, a tribute is paid to Catherine Ségurane by a procession in the old town of Nice; this procession ends with a mass in niçois said in the church of Saint Martin Saint Augustin, and a wreath laying at the monument erected in her honor.

In 1543, the Count of Enghien, leading an army of twenty thousand French and Turkish troups laid a siege to Nice, whilst the Turk's ally Khayr ad-Din Barberousse attacked by the sea.
Defences were growing weak but Catherine Ségurance, a washer-woman knocked out a Turkish flag bearer with her linen beater and made off with his flag. Legend has it that she also showed her posterieur to the Turks which made them flee. This did not prevent the lower city from capitulating but the Castle resisted.


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