Une chapelle Un artiste


From 06 July to 29 August 2024

This season, "Une chapelle Un artiste" has invited the SUPER ISSUE collective to bring a contemporary twist to the frieze of vices that has adorned the Chapelle Saint-Sébastien in Roure since the 15th century.

Loïc Alsina - Arnus - Nils Bertho - Marie-Pierre Brunel - Sarah Barthes - Lucas Compagnoni - Yannick Cosso - Héloïse Farago - Eugénie Faurie - Robin Genoux - Jérémy Griffaud - Julien Griffaud - Céline Marin - Gilles Miquelis - Jordan Pallagès - Maxime Parodi - François Paris - JP Racca Vammerisse - Jean-Philippe Roubaud - Julien Sampson - Quentin Spohn - Claude Valenti - Églé Vismante

CHAIR PARADIS - Exhibition from Saturday 6 July to Thursday 1 August 2024
- Opening in the presence of the artists on Saturday 6 July 2024 from 11 a.m.
- Artistic workshop from 3pm by Claude Valenti

Exhibition from Saturday 3 August to Thursday 29 August 2024
- Opening in the presence of the artists Saturday 3 August 2024 from 11am
- Lecture by Marie Cambas from 3pm
- Guided tour on Saturday 17 August 2024 from 2pm to 6pm by Céline Marin

The team
Céline Marin
Visual artist, coordinator of the Une chapelle Un artiste project

  • Chapelle de Notre- Dame-des-Grâces
    06420 Roure


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